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Although my dream is to work in broadcast journalism, I have a lot of professional marketing experience. Marketing was an important avenue for me because I thought it to be useful for me to learn how to brand myself as a bi-racial female in the world of media. I am very comfortable in the qualities and traits that make up who I am and I wanted to be able to effectively do the same for others. My experiences in the world of marketing have taught me the value in details, the importance of wording, and the persistence necessary to make things happen! Branding is important within the media and journalism industries. I decided to brand myself early on as a student and dynamic young professional by learning about the multiple facets of both the marketing and journalism industries. With these skills, I believe I am a valuable asset wherever I may end up! 



This was one of the projects I worked on while interning with The Barjon Group, a creative development and branding firm out of Atlanta. I worked on a project for The Ryan Cameron Foundation, as they were looking to put together a community garden in the Bankhead community of Atlanta with the hopes of creating a space to beautify the area and provide fresh vegetables a fruits. For this project I solicited volunteers on behalf of the agency, worked to build the garden, and documented the event with photos and a creative recap for the client.




This was my very first marketing campaign. The campaign was “Moments of Clarity” for the company Clearly Canadian. I gathered 100+ videos, the most videos out of everyone working for the agency. Here are a few of those “Moment of Clarity” videos!


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